Overland Morgan Horse Farm -  Guided Trail Rides,  Carriage Rides, Pony Rides and Petting Zoo

 At Overland Farm we offer a Mobile Petting Zoo for you and Pony Rides! We call it "The Dream Team" ! 
         We offer this opportunity  all year round

   Nearly every child dreams of riding chubby ponies, holding soft bunnies, petting little lambs and funny goat kids. Hearing a rooster crow or a donkey bray for the first time is a fun and  memorable experience! Our hand raised, gentle little petting zoo animals are ready for children of all ages and every child at heart!   
We pen in a 10 x 20 foot area for the animals at your location and encourage and expect kids of all ages to enter the pens for a hands on experience to touch and feel and love on the animals. 
(We can also set up a tent if necessary at no extra cost to you.)
  We offer trained staff that are neat, professional and knowledgeable about our animals. As always, please feel free to ask our staff any questions that you may have about the animals. No worries about the left overs from our petting zoo or pony rides as we always clean up after the animals!  We will travel within a 40 mile radius of our farm.to your location for birthday parties, reunions, festivals, almost any event.
    We are fully insured. If you are holding your event on public grounds you may want to check out the town/city regulations before calling us.

 --Rates for Hand led Pony Party-- 

  "One Pony Party" we bring 2 ponies to rotate out, but have one pony being led at a time. This is great for smaller groups of 10 children and under. 
    Rate for an hour of rides-$200.00 -
( there is a 70 pound weight limit on our Shetland 

2 Pony Party--We bring 3 ponies and rotate them. 2 ponies being led at a time. Perfect for larger groups of riders. $300.00 per hour

   There is the option of adding to our pony ride package's, our full size Morgan Horse that we use on our guided trail rides for an additional $50.00. Riders under 250 pounds can ride.

  Add to your Pony Party a Petting Zoo Package ! 

   Bunnies Only Petting Zoo Add On = An amazing variety, colors and sizes of soft gentle little bunnies! We will bring a minimum of 20 bunnies! For an additional fee of $50.00 

Lamb, Goats and Bunny add on= 1 lamb, 2 goat kids and a minimum of 10 bunnies! For an additional fee of $100.00  

Bring On the Zoo to your Pony Party!  1 lamb, 2-3 goat kids, 1 Mini donkey, 2 Roosters, and a minimum of 10 bunnies ----- $150.00 
           Hold a Petting Zoo Party !

 For our full Zoo - 1 Lamb, 2-3 Goat Kids, 1 mini Donkey, 2 Roosters, a minimum of 15 Bunnies--
  Price per hour is $200.00 (within a 25 mile radius of our farm) 

To discuss your options and schedule the Dream Team for your Pony and /or Petting Zoo Party  Call Michelle at 585-943-1524  
 If you are calling for a festival or events we can discuss options with you!


   We also have a Farm Facebook! Go to Overland Morgan Horse Farm and check for continual updates!
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