Overland Morgan Horse Farm -  Guided Trail Rides,  Carriage Rides, Pony Rides and Petting Zoo
 Bob & Michelle Vanderbosch
10456 Shay Road, Dansville NY 14437 
             We are Family owned and operated.
 At Overland Morgan Farm we are committed to you! Trail Riding is open in the spring when trails become navigable until October 31st and 7 days a week. We want your horse adventure of whatever the nature to be as enjoyable as possible! We would love for you to return and spread the word! 

  Please note that the trail riding business open hours are different from  the Fun On The Farm Zoo and Pony Rides and carriage rides.

                                                          Guided Trail Rides 
            As Of March 9th 2016 the Guided Trail Rides are open!!
                     It is necessary to schedule all trail rides
   We don't just ride around the edge of a field, we really trail ride! Everyone is mounted on the all American Morgan Horse. We ride beautiful wooded trails that lead to scenic hill top views. Many pictures are available on our home page for you to "get the feel" of the trails you will be riding and the views you will see. Or visit our Face Book for a few videos. No experience is necessary, which is recommended for the one or two hour ride. A weight limit on riders of 250 pounds and no children under the age of 8 years old. (please be honest about the age and weight)  At present we can accommodate 8 riders at a time.  We will NOTRun/Canter with the horses. Our horses are not snail slow, the need for speed is not necessary.
Horse trail rideGuided horse ride Rates are $40.00 per rider/per
1-1/2 hour rides are $60.00 per rider
2 hour ride is $80.00 per rider.
We do not offer any longer rides.
 *You must schedule all rides*

*We accept cash only *

*PLEASE do not be a "no show"--We appreciate a courtesy call for a cancellation, Thank You* 
Trail Ride                     


Be aware that being in the woods means we are among the wild animals, some are passive prey, as deer & turkey are and others may be preditors. Snakes, Bee's, possibly Bear could be among the obsticals unforeseen. Although we are cautious to avoid any possible encounter, keep in mind, it is possible. If you have Bee allergies PLEASE  avoid riding or be prepared to medicate yourself if stung. And Please let your guide know if you have allergies.
                                                **Sample Waiver**

        Horse Drawn Carriage Ride

                                                                Beautiful Fall Wedding
wedding carriage ride 
                                                                                  June Bride
wedding horse carriage ride 
Horse Carriage Ride       For your special occasion, whether it be for your Wedding Day,   Proposal, Anniversary or Birthday we will do our best to help make your day complete, as it "pleases us, to please you!" Our carriages we be drawn by a our highly trained Belgian draft horse. You can choose from our four passenger Visi Vi top up or top down. Or our 2 passenger antique maroon and black "Surry with the fringe on top".  Your driver and assistant will be dressed in the style to reflect your wedding and we encourage you to add decorations to our carriage for your special day!

 Rates are $500.00 per hour and $200.00 for each hour afterward. Your hour begins when you enter the carriage. If your event requires us to travel over 40 miles from our farm there is an extra charge of $1.50 per mile one way . Note: there will be no gratuities involved, this is the straight fee.

   We also offer private rides in the country side from our farm. The fee for an hour is $250.00. 

wedding horse carriage ride
                                                        ________________________________________________________________________________________________________    FUN ON THE FARM PETTING ZOO & PONY RIDES
                    Please click here to go directly to our On The Farm Petting Zoo page

                          Hand Held Pony Rides & Petting Zoo!
                                 We Come To You                                  
         Party with the Animals! Ponies and Pets really are a terrific party or festival attraction!  For whatever your needs may be the animals will steal the show and your hearts! Our traveling petting zoo consists of very tame and loving bunnies, goats, lambs and a mini donkey.  We are always looking to add more so don't be surprised to see something new! In our Zoo, kids and adults get in the pens with the animals and interact and brush the pets. Our ponies are Charlie Brown, Jack and Jiggers!   
  Having a winter birthday? No problem! Ponies actually love cool weather!
  Note: There is a weight limit for pony riding of 65 pounds. For parties with larger children or teen we recommend the two pony party, as the option of bringing a horse is available.
                                      *   Our Rates *

The One Pony Party ( for small groups of 6 kids and under)      $200.00 an hour.
Pony Ride The Two Pony Party For larger groups. The rate is $300.00 an hour. We bring a total of 3 ponies, having 2 people leading ponies at a time and rotating the ponies to give everyone a chance to ride their choice of pony. With this package you have the option of replacing one of the ponies with a horse for riders over 60 pounds. There is an additional charge of $50.00 To replace a pony with a horse.
       To add our Petting Zoo to your pony party add an additional $150.00.
    There is a mileage charge of 1.50 per mile one way, 40 miles from our farm. As a rule we will not travel over 50 miles from our farm. 
                   Petting Zoo Party Only 
Petting ZooPetting Zoo   With the exception of our miniature donkey's we purchase baby animals each year in the spring to have little and cute young animals for children (and adults) to enjoy. We hand raise them and they are all loving and friendly. Our Traveling Zoo consists of a Lambs, Goats, Several awesome Bunnies & Mini Donkey. Please feel free to ask questions about our zoo animals while we are at your party, we love to educate people about farm animals and their uses!  We set up a fence at your party in a 12 x 20 foot area and use our own tent if needed. Children and adults may get in the fence with the animals to brush and pet them. There is no feeding allowed as we don't want anyone to get accidentally bit!   
           Rate for Petting Zoo Party : $200.00 for an hour
       There is a mileage fee of $1.50 per mile after 40 miles from our farm. 
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