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                 THE BULL HIDE RIDE LLC
                              Mechanical Bull Rentals!
                                 Great Fun For:
                                      Personal Parties
                              Fairs & Festivals
                         Riding Clubs
                              Almost Any Occasion!
                        Contact to rent "Pedro" our Mechanical Bull
                                          Call 585-943-7955
                                If no answer call 585-943-1524 

                        Click  here to see a  video of our Bull in action!

   Just a reminder when watching the video, that there are over 30 different settings for the speed of which the Bull can go. Of course all within the riders capability. 
        We charge the public per ride at events of various natures.  If you are interested in having us all day don't be "bullied" away by the price! We are very willing to work out what will benefit both parties, we want your business and we want you to be happy!

  Price to rent our bull is $250.00 an hour with a minimum of 3 hours.
  Price can be negotiable depending on the distance of your location.

    Our equipment cannot tolerate direct sunlight or precipitation. For all outdoor events, a minimum of a 20 x 20 foot shelter must be provided for the entertainment in the form of a tent, tarp, overhang, or roof. We can provide our own 20' x 24 ' tent  with fire rated canopy for an additional $100.00 charge. 
   A minimum  height clearance of 12 feet is required in at least a 18' x 18 ' space.
                                                  We are NYS permitted and carry insurance.

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